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  • Poynt Smart Terminal

    Poynt! The world’s first smart terminal, with built in NFC, EMV, printer and scanner. SkyCraft by retailcloud point of sale , the only full feature solution on Poynt, is simple to use yet powerful enough to manage your sales, inventory and CRM. #retailmadesimple

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  • Poynt Smart Terminal

  • Built in EMV

    Single slot for both magstripe and chip cards. With built in NFC, it also handles Apple, Samsung & Android Pay.

  • Mobile Connectivity

    Use Wifi, bluetooth or 3G to connect your Poynt. With an 8 hour battery, its perfect for on the go merchants as well.

  • Connects with your POS

    It connects to all your other POS devices, allowing you to start and finish transactions anywhere and on any device.

  • Pos in a Box

    It comes ready to go out of the box, just log in and start ringing up items and collecting payments.

  • Transactions

    Intuitive software design means that your cashiers are comfortable and fully trained quickly with easy access to the features needed to help make the sales process smooth for both the customer and your staff.

    • Sales & Refunds

      Sales & Refunds

      Process Sales and Refunds quickly, with just a couple of clicks.

    • Exchanges


      Process Exchanges from the same screen, no need to do in two transactions.

    • Suspend & Resume

      Suspend & Resume

      No need to start over if your customer needs to go back out to the floor to add a few more items.

    • Offline Mode

      Offline Mode

      No internet, no problem. Data will save until connectivity is restore.

    • Unlimited Promotions

      Unlimited Promotions

      Offer a variety of discounts and coupons which can be set for a specific date range.

    • Tip Processing

      Tip Processing

      Process and track tips making it easy for your customers to show their appreciation.

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Poynt Smart Terminal and retailcloud provide the tools to control and manage your inventory more effectively so you stock what your customers are coming in for. Reports and tools are available to analyze your product mix and recommend reorder quantities based on criteria you select.

  • Inventory Receivings


    Receive new inventory directly on the Poynt and get your product out on the floor quickly.

  • Inventory Receivings

    Transfers & Writeoffs

    Writeoffs and inventory transfers (to warehouse or additional location) can be completed on the Poynt.

  • Inventory Receivings

    Purchase Orders

    Create purchase orders on the web portal and receive the merchandise on the Poynt.

  • Barcode Printing

    Barcode Printing

    In minutes, generate all barcodes in the quantity received directly from your receiving report.

  • COGS Monitoring

    COGS Monitoring

    Analyze product and vendors using the COGS monitoring tools to understand your costs and ultimately, profits.

  • Price & Cost Management

    Price & Cost Management

    Easy to use tools to adjust and manage selling price as well as cost on all of your products.

  • Inventory History Reporting

    Inventory History

    With access to your inventory history, you have the tools to act on trends and better serve your customers.

  • Multi Stores and Warehouses

    Multi Locations

    The Poynt supports inventory transfers between stores and warehouses so youcan always locate your products.

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  • Reporting & Analytics

    Extensive reports both on the Poynt device as well as on the web portal, to better understand your product mix, pricing and what will bring your customers returning for more.

    • Category Analysis

      Category Analysis

      Stay on top of your margins, know what your star categories are, as well as your subpar ones.

    • Daily Sales Report

      Daily Sales Report

      Complete sales and transaction reports for knowing current sales figures including pay types.

    • Sales Tax Settlement

      Sales Tax Settlement

      Filter by date for access to exact data needed for handling sales tax reporting.

    • Customer Preference Report

      Customer Preference

      Gain valuable insight into your customer's preferences and trends.

    • Inventory Balance

      Inventory Balance

      Know your current stock levels to ensure you never run low on what your customers are buying.

    • Best Sellers

      Best Sellers

      Know and understand margins on your top sellers, as well as analyze your bottom producing items.

Integrations & Tools

retailcloud arms you with the tools to understand your sales - what's selling and why, what categories are under or overstocked and how to mean and exceed your customers buying experience expectations

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  • nGuage


    Analytics available on your mobile phone to always be in touch with your business activity

  • Quickbooks Online

    QuickBooks Integration

    Automatic updates to quickbooks online to keep your accounting program always up to date

  • Employee timeclock

    Time and Attendance

    Employees clock in and out right on the Poynt with reporting available on the web portal

  • Loyalty

    Loyalty Program

    Easy to implement custom loyalty program to encourage repeat store visits

  • eCommerce


    Sell your products through online channels with single inventory management

  • Tax Management


    Multiple tax rates can be supported at an item level, as well as set as tax inclusive or plus tax

  • Mailchimp

    MailChimp Integration

    Using your customer data, automatically reach your customers and entice them to make a return visit

  • Attribtues

    Attribute Management

    Attributes such as style, color, size, brand and season can be modified to meet the nuances of your industry.

  • CRM

    Poynt Smart Terminal and retailcloud provide the tools to build a successful CRM. Understanding your customers better, allows you to not only market to them more effectively, but also provide them with the experience they look for and you gain their long term loyalty.

    Management & Tools
    • Customer History

      Transaction history to help support their needs and your understanding of their preferences.

    • Loyalty Programs

      The easy to set up and use, custom build loyalty program will encourage return customer visits.

    • Customer Groups & Club Pricing

      Identify your VIP customers to automatically receive special pricing or unique experiences.

    • Email Marketing

      Using the integrated tools, within minutes generate an email promotion to your customers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If other questions come to mind, please let us know.

  • Is there a limit to SKU's, transactions or cashiers?

    No, you can have unlimited transactions, cashiers and SKU's. Your SKU management can be done directly on the Poynt Smart terminal, or on the retailcloud management portal, we even have phone apps for product management and KPI's.

  • Can I connect more than one Poynt terminal in my store?

    Yes, you can connect as many as you need. You can also start transactions on any Poynt terminal and finish it on any other if needed. Your sales can be combined or reported by terminal in the retailcloud management portal.

  • Can I use a hotspot to connect the device?

    Poynt does not recommended this, as there will be latency issues. They strongly recommend that you connect to a strong, dedicated, password-protected network (WPA or WPA2) or via ethernet. If you need mobility beyond wifi router and ethernet, the Poynt 3G unit may be a better option.

  • What are the payment processing options on Poynt?

    retailcloud has a "Bring your own Processor" approach to POS solutions. The solution is a processor agnostic, NFC, EMV and NFC capable solution. Other tender types include gift cards, points redemption, coupons and instore credit. Some of our solutions also support layaway.

  • Can I connect my webstore to my Poynt terminal?

    Yes you can, after your product has been loaded into the system, sign into the retailcloud portal and deploy your web store in a few clicks.

  • Can I connect to Quickbooks?

    Yes just enter your Quickbooks Online credentials and all your sales and cost of goods sold totals are sent to Quickbooks .

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