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10 things to ask yourself before you go live with your new Poynt Smart Terminal

Congratulations, you received your Poynt and have it all registered and your items loaded into the system. If you are like me, you can't wait to get started on using the machine and going live so you can take advantage of all the great features the POS has to offer.

You probably got the SkyCraft Poynt POS application becasue its an easy to use point of sale, however keep in mind that the payment terminal allows you to harness the power of the retailcloud platform, which is very powerful, and while I am not recommending you jump feet in and activate every option, here is a list of ten things you should consider before you start.

  • 1. Is your tax rate correct?

    The tax rate you entered when you created the account is what we use as your default tax rate, make sure that the real tax rate for your store matches that rate. We can support multiple tax rates for each store.

  • 2. Are your items loaded?

    You can add items by scanning them on the POS or by using minventory to scan the retailcloud global database and add it directly to skycraft or export to for use with other POS solutions. You can also use retailcloud smart imports to upload a csv file and map the columns.

  • 3. Are your quick pick pages done?

    If you are not using a scanner create quick access pages to use the menu buttons to ring your items. You can create 12 pages that can call up 12 more pages each with unlimited items on each page. Put all the top sellers on one page or organize them by category, subcategory, style or any of multiple combinations.

  • 4. Have you run a test sale?

    Run a test sale and make sure that the transactions are hitting your bank account and are in your report portal.

  • 5. Do you need an external scanner to scan barcodes?

    If you do, now is a good time to test the scanner or have the external scanner plugged in.

  • 6. Do you need to create any promotions ?

    Use the power of the POS features and create a promotion, and since you uploaded a list of customers in the previous step, now is a great time to get out your first email campaign on the system.

  • 7. Do you need to import an existing customer list?

    You probably have your customer list in various files, now’s a good time to upload them all in one place and use that to start tracking customer activity in the POS.

  • 8. Do you want to activate loyalty?

    Set up loyalty programs based on the dollars your customers spend or the items they buy. Points can be earned on any items or limited by category. Rewards can be for product, merchandise or even experiences.

  • 9. Do you want to activate CRM builder?

    Set up your transaction screen to automatically prompt customers to opt in to your mailing or club list for announcements and promotions. If you are offering club pricing all they do is give the cashier their number and they get their special pricing.

  • 10. Do you want to activate an ecommerce store?

    Now that you have got things all organized, how about an online store? Your customers can buy your product and have it shipped or picked up in the store. All your inventory and sales will be connected and visible in the portal.