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  • Get Started

    Get started with Poynt and Skycraft in 4 easy steps

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      Setup Terminal
    • Order your terminal

      Begin by ordering your Poynt terminal here or through one of our certified partners. If you already have your Poynt let go to Step 2

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    • Install the Sky Craft POS App

      Connect your Poynt using Wifi or the Ethernet cable and once connected, go to the Poynt store and download the Skycraft POS Application

      App 1
    • Signup with Sky Craft

      Launch the Sky Craft application and click on the Green Sign Up button and create a user name and password. Once your account has been created you will receive a successful message as well as an email with some helpful links and tools.

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    • Setup Terminal & Login

      Sign into Sky Craft POS and you can create any additional users and items, or upload them into the system using an excel file.

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